Holistic Orthodontics

Correcting not just crooked & crowded teeth, but the underlying cause

What is Holistic Orthodontics?

Please watch this video by RightToGrow.org on what is happening: Simply put, holistic orthodontics is orthodontics that not only corrects misaligned teeth, but also addresses why the teeth are misaligned in the first place. The most important question we can ask you today is do you know why so many children and adults today need braces in the first place? Please watch this video by RightToGrow.org which explains what is happening: Crooked teeth and cross bites are not in our DNA. Our teeth should be straight. Our jaw structures should be balanced and well developed. Our tongue should fit perfectly into our mouth and palate. Our airways should be healthy. No pediatric sleep apnea, snoring or sleep disordered breathing. The above are the goals of “holistic orthodontics.” Basically a great smile, balanced jaw profile and healthy airway.So why do some kids have crooked teeth, bad bites? Cross bites? Open bites and poor facial profile? Holistic orthodontics identifies the root cause of these developmental problems and answers to these questions.