Same Day Dentistry

We know your time is valuable, and you often don’t have flexibility in your schedule for multiple dental appointments. Because of this it might be tempting to delay a dental procedure, but waiting too long might cause you to lose your tooth! What if you could get the high-quality restoration you need in just one day? At Dr. Nnadi’s Holistic Dental office, now you can! Our Glidewell milling system and Solea® Laser, the world’s first computer-aided, CO₂ laser system, allow for quick, natural-looking results with one visit dentistry.

Dr. Nnadi can now complete beautiful restorations like crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers in-office, in only one appointment.

Benefits of Same Day Dentistry at Holistic Dental:

  • Safe and simple procedures
  • One appointment
  • Advanced laser technology provides absolute precision
  • No need for temporary restorations
    • No unpleasant or messy impressions – It’s all digital!

Our same day system allows Dr. Nnadi to replace conventional impression methods with a clean, fast digital scan that is obtained in just a few minutes through a series of photographic images taken in the mouth. Combining this scanned data with our advanced software, we’re able to design a custom, permanent restoration. A milling unit then fabricates your restorative design quickly and conveniently, right in our dental office.

Your final result is a natural-looking restoration of superior strength that perfectly matches the surrounding teeth, making your crown, veneer, or filling virtually undetectable. The elimination of impressions, temporaries, and second appointments enhances the entire dental experience for our patients. As an added bonus, many of our patients love watching their new tooth come to life in the milling unit right in front of their eyes!

Glidewell is a revolutionary technology that uses digital dentistry to provide same-day restorations. 

The Solea® Laser is a fast, precise, anesthesia-free, CO2 all-tissue laser that is guided by a computer and our doctors to provide blood-free and stitches-free dental procedures. Our patients love the unique, fast experience, and best of all, it’s pain-free!