Dr. Stella O. Nnadi Talks About What Fastbraces® Has Done for Her Patients

Crooked Teeth & How Fastbraces Work

Teeth are crooked because they didn’t erupt properly and came in tilted, sideways, overlapping or spaced apart and, as a result, are not upright and straight. Our dentist, Dr. Stella O. Nnadi, uses Fastbraces technology’s high-performance bracket systems to upright the roots of the teeth from the beginning of treatment with just one square wire by torquing and tipping them from the very first appointment. Treatment time for non-surgical comprehensive orthodontic therapy should about 120 days with the Fastbraces CLASSIC Series and could take less than 120 days for non-deep bite cases with the Fastbraces TURBO Series.

Fastbraces® Turbo™

The Fastbraces Turbo Series bracket system is the next generation of highest quality, yet fast teeth alignment. Turbo brackets are lightweight and robust, with an overall outline that ensures optimum protection for the interior surface of the lips. Its buccal soft tissues allow for minimal irritation if any does occur at all. Patients have said it feels as if the bracket is lined with a silk-like fabric. This bracket was simply designed as a refinement of the Fastbraces® Classic™ model to be more comfortable, yet more robust. In combination with oral treatment, the result is healthy, aesthetically pleasing teeth, and many cases are finished in under 100 days!

What Will Happen to Your Teeth With Our System?

Well, that depends on the issue you’re facing. But the good news is, our dental team, can handle almost all cases of misalignment of teeth with Fastbraces in Charlotte, North Carolina! See our issue specific videos below:











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